Why This Website?

This website is strictly meant to present the insects most commonly submitted for identification, and it is not meant to be a comprehensive collection of insects in Texas.

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Entomology personnel provide thousands of insect identifications each year for the people of Texas. Of these, approximately 70% are for the very most common 250 or so species, especially the larger insects or those that bite or sting humans or pets or infest homes and buildings. 

There are many more relatively common insects under the links on our page "Our Blogs / Favorite Links".

Texas residents can always send digital photos for identification at http://askanentomologist.tamu.edu/insect-id-form/ . 

The other purpose of this website is to collect our newsletter and blog posts that address insect problems primarily in the urban areas of Texas, or of households across the State. These articles are collected under the "Insect Answers" umbrella.