The Texas Insects Most Commonly Submitted for Identification

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2. Let Google Lens make the identification; Erfan Vafaie, our entomologist in Overton has a short video on how to do it. For most common insects it should do a really good job if you have a clear photo.

3. If you did not find your insect here AND YOU LIVE IN TEXAS, then you can USE THIS LINK TO SUBMIT A TEXAS INSECT IDENTIFICATION REQUEST  (to the Texas A&M University Department of Entomology). There is no way to submit a digital image for identification directly from the texashighplainsinsects website.

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Information on Zika Virus for Texans <

INSECT ANSWERS FOR TEXANS: Highlighted articles, but use this link for many more:

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This website is a service of Extension Entomology, part of the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service. This website is not intended to provide in-depth information on insects, it is for identification purposes only. Insect control information and contact information for all of Extension Entomology can be found here. Many of the images and blog articles contain external links to more information. 

Many of these photos were submitted for identification. We make every effort to retain the name of the photographer and give full credit. However, our database sometimes loses the photographer's name and we would be glad to give photo credit for your image if you let us know which one is yours.