Banded Hickory Borer (March 17, 2013)

I have received two requests in the past week to identify the banded hickory borer. The insect is called a "long horned beetle" and it is in the Family Cerambycidae. The long horned part comes from the very long antennae. Here is a link to the banded hickory borer and its relatives pictured on Bugguide: . 

Most Cerambycids lay eggs in the bark of trees, usually dead, dying or decaying trees. Hickory and oak are preferred by this species.The larvae hatch and tunnel through the wood as they grow. They are not dangerous except that they do have mandibles (teeth) and can bite. This is very uncommon. They are not venomous, so the sole risk is the small possibility of a bite. These beetles are readily attracted to lights at night

Photo Credit: Brush Freeman via